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Jobsmigas.com is a web that originally established by our native staffs that aims to provide free information about the job to occupy of many positions in both the public areas of expertise and areas of expertise needed by the petroleum company engaged in the manufacturing or service sector in the field of Oil and Gas in Indonesia. The website is presented not only for human resources involved in oil and gas, but also we dedicate to all Indonesian people to easily get information about the world of work in the oil and gas sector as well as information about the condition of the development of oil and gas through the archipelago thru news update information.

Hopefully this website can provide very useful contribution to the advancement of Human Resources of Oil and Gas sector in the country.

Keep the positive spirit then continue to work and move forward to be professional so that our oil & gas sector in the country becomes more developed, progressive and victorius.

Gloriously Our Beloved National Oil & Gas Sector

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